Head to the moon with Tracks – The Train Set Game and the new Sci-Fi DLC

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tracks the train set game scifi pack

Tracks – The Train Set Game on Xbox One and PC is already the provider of many relaxing hours of gameplay, as players take the opportunity to use their imagination and build their very own wooden train set, how they like, when they like. Today though that whole experience gets a little deeper, with the addition of the Sci-Fi DLC.

Available today on Xbox One and PC, the Tracks – The Train Set Game Sci-Fi DLC is the second DLC pack to hit the rails since Tracks launched back in November 2019, following on from the free Suburban Pack that arrived just a few short weeks back.

This time around and things are a little different though. Unfortunately this Sci-Fi DLC isn’t free, but it does still come with a super cheap price point in tow. Just £3.29 is the Xbox One asking price (although you’ll get a Game Pass discount if you’re a subscriber), whilst £2.99 will be all you need to stump up should you play on Steam. With the base Tracks – The Train Set Game already available as an Xbox Game Pass title, we’d be more than happy to pay out the small asking price for this DLC.

It will only be in our full thoughts piece will we fully understand whether this Sci-Fi pack is a worthy addition to the Tracks name. Please keep an eye out for that in the coming days. For now though, if you’re looking to expand your Tracks experience and reckon that a pack that deals with a new moon level with low gravity, a rocket train skin and 30+ new decorations to use in your toy worlds sounds like something of interest, get over to the Xbox Store, or the Steam page, and pick it up.

If anything, it’ll give you the opportunity to look to the stars and head to the moon, taking your train set further than ever before with new buildings, passengers, vehicles and a rocket train. And honestly, sometimes that is all you could ever ask for in life.

DLC Description:

Return to the rails with Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack! Expand your toybox with over 30 items to use in your worlds. Look to the stars and take your train set further than ever before with new buildings, passengers, vehicles and a rocket train. Why not create an uncharted world with the new space rover, UFO, asteroid and alien? Perhaps take a giant leap for mankind with the new moon base, flag, craters and moon lander? Tracks’ already expansive toy sandbox has just got bigger. This is a great opportunity to revisit the brilliantly relaxing toy train set builder and hop back into the driver’s seat.

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