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There are multiple Battle Royale titles already available in console-land, with the likes of Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty Warzone and Cuisine Royale all battling it out for top dog. Now though comes a new challenger, direct from the mobile scene to start throwing bombs onto Xbox One and PS4. Are you ready for AXES?

You may have heard of AXES as it’s already made a bit of a splash on mobile devices. Now though it’s time for Xbox One and PS4 players to bear witness to the newest of Battle Royale affairs as you get ready to rumble in the jungle and prove that you have what it takes to be the last one standing. 

Priced at just £4.19 from the Xbox Store, and cheaper still from the PlayStation Store, AXES sees groups of highly trained, well armed foes go at it on the battlefield, working with a combination of armour types and melee weapons in order to find success. A fantasy landscape awaits, as do the likes of swords, shurikens, axes (obviously!) and more, as the ever decreasing fight zone makes life more than a little tricky. 

AXES promises to come to Xbox One and PS4 with more than 60 items in tow. Throw in 40+ weapon types, nearly half that again in hero options and maps that come with their own unique gameplay styles, and for those green to the fight, this should be a decent entry into the Battle Royale scene. 

Features include:

  • 60+ new items: armor, robes, rings, and dozens of weapons — all this has its own characteristics and features
  • 40+ weapon types
  • 20+ unique heroes with special abilities
  • Quick & action-packed sessions
  • Lots of maps with unique gameplay
  • Super easy controls

If you can manage to put down Fortnite, or are fed up with sniping hotshots in PUBG, for the price it may well be worth considering a purchase of AXES on Xbox One or PS4

Game Description:

Ready to take down all your enemies? Prepare your weapons and join — an epic battle royale! It’s an action-packed game where you prove that you can really rumble on the battlefield! Enter the arena and try to be the last one standing. Battle to survive using different weapons: axes, swords, shurikens and many more. Let the great scuffle begin! AXES is a fantasy world where mighty well-armed enemies clash in quick battles on the battlefield. Every game session has a limited time span. Choose a perfect combination of armor and melee weapons to pass all arenas and survive. Master your skills to enter the League Mode and combat with the strongest players. Remember about the main battle royale feature — the red circle. Once it appears, the battle will be over soon! Try to stay inside the circle, otherwise you’ll lose your points.

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