WreckFest Coming to PlayStation 5 in June with Increased Multiplayer Carnage and Dynamic Dirt

PS4 & PS5

Demolition racer Wreckfest will be coming to PlayStation 5 consoles in June 2021. As well as the usual improvements like enhanced visuals, haptic feedback and quicker loading times, the “wrext-gen” version will allow for more players taking part in multiplayer races and dynamic dirt.

The enhanced visuals will see the game running at 60fps in 4K resolution. This means shadows, particles, and environment lighting will be improved, textures will appear at a higher resolution, and they’ll be able to use Godrays to add better lighting effects to any rendered scenes. Some of the noticeable upgrades will include dynamic dirt on vehicles, more foliage throughout the race tracks, and new visual effects for skidmarks.

Aside from visual improvements, the game will now allow up to 24 players to take part in multiplayer races and the carnage that takes place during those races will look more impressive. The console’s SSD will allow for much faster loading times, and there will be DualSense haptic effects added. You can see the briefest teaser of some of these new features in the trailer below.

Now that BugBear Entertainment has moved on from the Flatout franchise, they’re focusing their attention on Wreckfest, which isn’t just an ordinary racer. If players want to stand any chance of winning, they’ll need to smash their way through their opponents using a “true-to-life physics simulation”. The bangers players can use include heavy-hitters from America, more agile European sports cars, and everything in between, like reinforced lawnmowers and outhouses on wheels. All of these can be upgraded with better body armor and whose appearance can be changed by players.

Wreckfest will arrive on PS5 on June 1 digitally and at retail. Unfortunately there will not be a free upgrade option for PlayStation 4 players; upgrading to PlayStation 5 will cost $9.99 / €9.99 for players who own the game on PS4. PlayStation Now members who want to try the game before they buy can play the PS4 version through the service until May 31.

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