Kadokawa’s Mecha Strategy RPG, Relayer, Will Release Simultaneously Worldwide for the PS4 and PS5

PS4 & PS5

Kadokawa Games has announced that its space-based mecha strategy RPG, Relayer, will release simultaneously worldwide sometime this year for the PlayStation 5 and 4.

Billed as a “new age space opera,” Relayer is being developed by the God Wars development team, making this its first new simulation RPG for the PS5. The game is set in the year 2049 when humans meet “intelligent” extraterrestrial beings called the Relayers.

Relayer will feature over 80 jobs to customize characters with, and more than 80 stages. An official overview is as follows:

Humanity is not alone in the universe. In the year 2049, mankind finally meets intelligent life: the Relayers. Around the same time, the discovery of an ancient alien civilization sets the wheels of fate in motion for the Starchildren, humans bestowed with unique powers. Then, in the year 2051, our story begins one fateful day when two young women cross paths in Artemis, a colony located on the surface of the Moon. Get ready for an intergalactic adventure where humans and ancient aliens meet, and our stellar neighbors come to life!

Relayer takes place in the Milky Way galaxy, within our solar system. In the not-too-distant future, humanity has extended their sphere of influence to Jupiter, with the moon and Mars already established as colonies. Humanity’s very existence is threatened by mysterious extraterrestrials known as the Relayers, who plan to annihilate the universe. As if in response to the Relayers’ invasion, the Starchildren, human successors to the wills of the stars, awaken.

We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced. In the meantime, check out a trailer below.

[Source: Gematsu]

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