Exclusive GameStop Xbox Series X restock details – how to get it, where to find PS5


Update: People are already camping out in line for the GameStop Xbox Series X restock, according to our updated reporting. Live updates coming as the news breaks…

The GameStop Xbox Series X restock will happen in stores tomorrow, June 16, and our Xbox and PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider has tracked down exclusive information to help increase your chances of getting the Microsoft console in case you want to wait in the sure-to-be stretched GameStop line.

Yes, we did real reporting beyond GameStop’s vague restock email. We went to visit multiple GameStop stores in New York City to figure out how it’ll work and which of the next-gen consoles will be available to buy (hint: there’ll be no PS5 restock). We also asked GameStop officials for additional details about the restock logistics. 

Here’s what we found out.

Exclusive GameStop Xbox Series X details

  • This in-store restock will be for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. There will be no PS5 in stores at GameStop tomorrow. None.
  • Expect a long line. It’ll be first-come, first-serve, according to employees we talked to. In other words, lines will form in advance of your local GameStop opening.
  • Xbox restock time? Most GameStop stores open at 11am local time in the US (a few open at 10am or 12pm local time). Again, you’ll want to get there earlier than that. 
  • How many Xbox units per store? This will vary by GameStop store, however, we were told this: at 10:30am a piece of paper will be posted on the glass door of each GameStop store indicating how many Xbox consoles will be in stock.
  • Price? Bundles? Expect to spend around $650 before tax on the $499 Xbox Series X, we were told. That means, yes, GameStop is offering Xbox Series X bundles only, which will include a warranty and GameStop PowerUp membership. Games may be configurable to some degree, which seems like a nice bonus compared to online pre-configured bundles.

    • It’s one console per person, though we did see that detail in the email, so that’s not our exclusive reporting – but the rest is.

In case you miss it: Matt Swider is tracking Xbox Series X restock opportunities from more than 12 different stores in the US. Here’s an example of the alert you’ll get if you follow his Twitter account.

Xbox Series X restock

(Image credit: Matt Swider / Twitter)

The GameStop restock tomorrow will be very different. This is the first time in 2021 that a restock will happen inside GameStop stores, and Matt Swider will be reporting for TechRadar live outside of the GameStop in Manhattan to see how the event unfolds.

We did report on an in-store Best Buy restock for the Nvidia 3080 Ti GPU on June 3, so while physical store restocks aren’t commonplace, two in one month makes a trend. We’ve seen the occasional Walmart in Texas carry the PS5 and Xbox Series S consoles, according to our loyal followers who reply to our Twitter restock tracker account, but it’s not something Walmart officials announce – or seem to know about.

There’s no telling if the in-store GameStop Xbox restock will make buying next-gen consoles easier. While bots are not going to be a problem in real life (let’s hope not), resellers can still camp out for the console to turn a profit. As we mentioned, it’s one console per person, so that’s a rule that’s easier to enforce in person.

But, on the flip side, we did see Target temporarily suspend in-store sales of sought-after Pokemon trading cards and also sports cards after a physical altercation at one of its stores. The line for the aforementioned Best Buy GPU restock drew 200 people in Manhattan and a fight almost broke out, according to our on-the-ground reporting, so there’s certainly room for chaos for in-demand tech.

We’ll continue to follow the GameStop Xbox Series X restock news, try to see when there will be a PS5 restock in stores (don’t hold your breath), and update you on how the line is progressing around the US.

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