Ubisoft Offers Workarounds for AC Valhalla Sigrblot Festival Issues, Releases Hotfix for ‘War Effort’

PS4 & PS5

The recently-launched Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Sigrblot Festival came with its own set of issues, at least one of which has been resolved with a hotfix.

Players reported missing foreign supplies in quest “War Effort.” According to Ubisoft, this is now resolved. You’ll need to restart your game to activate the hotfix.

The following issues are still being looked into, but you can use workarounds:

  • Players may lose control of Eivor when activating the fishing line from the action wheel during the wolf kill finisher (Three Big Pigs)
    • Workaround: Load a previous save file or reload the game
  • Can’t interact with quest givers if players push them out of position
    • Workaround: Move away from the zone and come back to reset the Quest Giver’s position

The following issues will be targeted in update 1.3.1:

Mastery Challenge

  • [NEW] Enemies fall from their station and die
  • [NEW] Gold medal cannot be obtained anymore in Calleva’s Raven trial if the player entered in conflict with the last soldiers on the bridge

    • Workaround: Restart the trial after being detected and put the last guards to sleep twice.

World events or side activities-related issues: 

  • [NEW] Old Cellar Mystery cannot be completed / Tablet not there

General Issues:

  • [NEW] Only receiving silver from smaller chests since Title Update 1.2.2

Last but not least, the following issues are still under investigation. There’s currently no ETA for fixes.

Wrath of The Druids – Expansion 1

  • Contracts may disappear from your quest log if you die and reload
    • Workaround: Rebooting the game should solve this issue
  • [NEW] Unable to sleep in the bed in Dublin after one use

Main Quests 

  • A Brewing Storm / Duel with Dag doesn’t trigger

 World events or side activities-related issues: 

  • Milk of Humankind / Audumbla is unable to move
  • ULC quests disappear from Quest log
  • Unable to access The Legend of Beowulf / Letter not in longhouse
  • [NEW] The Mysterious Berserker – The quest disappears after changing the sound language from English to other languages

 General issues 

  • A Little Problem / Man’s Best Friend ability not unlocked after completing the quest
  • Players may fall through the map in a cave near Anlaf’s Lookout
    • Potential Workaround: Fast travel away if you get stuck
  • Avenge quests are difficult to spot
  • [NEW] Autopathing not working for expansion skills

[Source: Ubisoft]

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